About Us

Who we are
Advances & More is a leading consulting company that focuses on serving and succeeding the business and strategies of the world's primary institutions. We are a company of professional experts known for our practical expertise, reliability and trustworthiness.

We take your business to a higher level of success, credibility and achievements.

“Advances and More” is a foremost consultancy firm and a leading advisor in business solutions. We work with clients hand in hand, to reveal their value opportunities, identify their decisive challenges and enrich their experience.
We have a reputation of providing special personal service and great customer relationships; this is what makes us different from other consultancy firms. We listen to our customers and we appreciate their needs. We come up with strategies and services that integrate with their ambitions. We are responsive and skilled to customize accurate business solutions.


Credibility, support, respect for the individual, delivering value, are some of our values. We build relationships with our clients, to provide them with adapted services and solutions. Our dedication to both our clients' achievements and our own principles is what sets” Advances and More” apart from others, as experienced qualified services.

“Advances and More” company believes in customized industry solutions. We know that adequate solutions enhance the utmost competitive advantages for our clients. We customize each solution in how our client’s company works in the marketplace.

Risk Management

As confident advisors, we are responsible to sustain the maximum of proficient values. “Advances and More” risk management sector incorporates a devoted group of experts responsible for the risk management.
Advances and More practices:

Customized Researches and Studies.
Expert Plans and Solutions.
Professional Training sessions.
Cost Management.
Risk Control.
Concepts Strategies and Executions.
Media booking, Outdoor.
Online Advertising, TV and Internet, Print Media.
Event Organization & Planning.
International Speakers Endorsement.
Advances and More Digital Services.
Websites, Software programs and Online applications.